Company Profile

 Buildex international Group ltd. is a general trading company possessing the unique ability to source anything a client’s need, whether for private or commercial requirements. If it’s not yet in our comprehensive product portfolio, we can track it down, in any volume and deliver wherever you need it.

Buildex-international Group ltd..— is a bare-bone distributor of general trades, we unlock the door to a world of resources covering a range of categories that includes Hotel products
Amenities, Linen, Towels, Paints, Furniture, etc……
Buildex-international Group ltd.– has settled on a more localized out-reach to market segments that for one reason or another are not well-served either the large domestic manufacturers. Buildex-international Group ltd. — capitalizes on the healthy relations with an extensive list of worldwide logistical partners. We transfer our buying-power leverage to our clients. We are connecting our clients with their required resources in the most cost-effective ways possible.

Products and Services

Buildex-international Group ltd.product line is rather extensive, amounting to over 1500 items which include of electronic devices Hotel and office furniture’s, textiles, lighting materials, office and school supplies, promotional gifts, hotel equipments, and building materials , promotional gifts and displays, interior decoration and much more. Because of the large quantity of items and styles, it is not feasible to stock all these items; however, any of these items can be purchased from Buildex-international Group by special order. Because of the long lead time between ordering and arrival of the goods, Buildex-international Group ltd. –has found that it must concentrate on a limited number of items which suit the targeted market sectors, and to try to keep a stock in these items ready for immediate delivery.( especially the linen and Towel items and some amenities)

In all businesses there will be competitors. Within our niche we have competitors. Most of the competitors are bigger company and already established in GCC and middle east— but like us, operating mainly in our same niche, whose marketing is better than its product quality.
In general, however, our competition is not in our niche. We compete against generalized products and manufacturers, and cheaper products.  It isn’t that people choose our competitors instead of our products; it is that they choose lesser quality, mainstream materials instead of the higher quality products we offer.
Competitiveness from point of view of price is an important factor and looms larger once the retailer’s margin has been tacked on. The price difference in respect to other company should not be a problem for Buildex-international Groupltd. -given the higher quality of Buildex-international Group ltd – products. However, pricing is only one aspect of competition.


Our product partner location is a distinct advantage for manufacturing. We also have an established relationship with a high quality product to supply the high quality product to our clients. We have suppliers from around the globe than either of our competitors. Since our sales increased over the previous years, we have been able to buy at better prices, because of higher volumes.
We also work with a number of specialty manufacturers Like Kinwai the Biggest furniture company   and SOHO  the amenities company and we are the sole agent for IPS AND Green Mountain
And we have joint venture with Xian wi textile group
Although we aren’t a major player compared to the major manufacturers, we are one of the biggest buyers of the product we acquire. Most of our suppliers are selling through channels of customers around the globe, and yet they treat us as a major account.